50 Best Compliments for Guys

compliments for guys


Good Compliments for Guys

Coming from a girl who has been in a relationship for a year, I’ve include both compliments that fit a couple who has finally reached that comfortable, relaxed, tell eachother everything stage, but also compliments from my dating days.
I tell my boyfriend all of the time time that he’s is sexy, and unfortunately, even though it is true, he says me saying that is getting kind of old. In my quest to find new compliments for my man I made this list of compliments for guys.

1#1-#3 Compliments for Guys

“You are so smart”
Everyone loves to hear this.

“You tell the best jokes!”
As mentioned in another article on Girlterest, men love to make us laugh. There is a reason “dad jokes” exist while “mom jokes” are not a thing.

“Gosh, I love how strong you are”
Men pride themselves on being strong, so work this in next time he is moving furniture.

2#4-#6 Cute Compliments for Guys

“You are the perfect height”
Guys can be insecure about their self image as well and height is one aspect.

“You are so sexy”
Let him know you want him!

“Your beard is so manly”
It takes a long time for a guy to be able to grow a full beard, so even if it is a little patchy compliment it.

3#7-#9 Straight Forward Compliments

“I love your big hands”
If a man has petite hands it’s not considered manly and that’s a good enough reason to tell him you think he has big manly hands.

“Donna is looking good today”
My boyfriend named his truck Donna. Don’t ask me why, but if he takes pride in his ride he will love to hear how sexy she looks after her weekly wash.

“You are going to be an amazing dad someday”
This one is probably reserved for relationships where the couple has already talked about marriage.


“You are so caring”
This is another one everyone loves to hear.

“It’s amazing how much you can make me laugh”
See number 2. Men love to make us laugh and pride themselves in their hilariousness.

“I feel so safe when I’m with you”
Men have a natural instinct to protect and it’s a great confidence boost to them when you say this.

5#13-#15 Sexy and Sweet Things to Say

“That shirt makes your eyes look amazing”
They like to hear that their outfit is on point too, ladies.

“Those jeans really make your butt look good”
I say this one entirely too much to my boyfriend. Gosh I love when he wears his tight jeans.

“I am so proud of you”
These six words can make anyone feel better about themselves.

6#16-#18 Romantic Compliments for Guys

“You work so hard for us, I love you”
If you live together, are saving for a wedding, or are already married this is a compliment that carries a lot of weight.

“I appreciate everything you do for me”
Men also pride themselves on their ability to provide for their loved ones.

“Babe, those tacos were amazing”
Even if you had to drink a gallon of milk with each taco because he used to much cayenne pepper. The eating burnt and terrible meals and still asking for seconds applies to both parties.

7#19-#21 Cool Compliments

“I bet you were a beast when you played ball in high school”
In relationships involving younger people, the high school glory days come up in conversation. So it is a good idea to keep this compliment stored away for when that conversation comes up.

“Your Snapchat story was epic”
My boyfriend seems to prefer Snapchat to any other social media, but vocally telling a guy you liked their post is an easy compliment you can use on almost anyone.

“Your job is really cool”
Back to the priding themselves in providing and working hard, guys still need to feel like what they are doing is awesome.

8#22-#24 Sweet Things To Say To Him

“You are so great with my family”
Especially if he just met them, reassure him that he did a great job.

“I wish I had your ability to small talk with people”
Boy do I wish I had my mans conversation skills. Anything personal like this is a great compliment.

“That ball cap was well worth $35, you look hot in it”
I love designer bags, and my boyfriend loves his brand name ball caps. He says he likes my purses (even though he things it is ridiculous that a cross body would cost $300) and I say I like his hats (even though I could find a knock off look a like for $15).

9#25-#27 Aawwwhhh

“I am going to make that picture of you my lockscreen”
The equivalent of 1000 likes on a picture on social media. Guys sometimes like to take selfies and do actually like it when they take an awesome photo.

“I am so lucky”
Make him feel like he is special!

“You make me so happy”
Let him know he is the light of your life.

10#28-#30 Sexy Complimennts for Him

“You are so sexy when you fix things”
Again, one of those things that men pride themselves in.

“I would ask you to take your shirt off while you’re doing the dishes but I might not be able to control myself”
Let him know you can’t resist him while he is doing something he normally doesn’t do, maybe it will make him do it more…

“You are the best kisser”
One of the things guys in new relationships are self-conscious about. Reassure him!

11#31-#33 Flirty Compliments for Guys

“I bet you could kick that guy’s ass, but let’s not try”
Some guys like to pride themselves in their ability to fight well, I say this to my boyfriend when a random guy hits on me or some other guy is just being a jerk. It tells him “Hey I know you could do it,” so he doesn’t have to prove to himself that he can. (Use this one very wisely)

“I know you can do it”
If he is having self doubts about interviewing for a job, applying for college, or starting a new career showing and telling him you are behind him is a great compliment.

“You are a beast at _____”
Make it personal. What is he a beast at? Mowing the lawn, bowling, getting stuff from the top of the cabinet.

12#34-#36 Best compliments your guy will love!

“You are so good to me”
You treat me so good and we are living a great life together.

“Thank you for always _____”
Opening the pick-up door for me. Carrying in the dog food. Making the bed when you get home.

“You still give me butterflies”
Let him know the spark is still there.

13#37-#39 Sweet and Honest

“I am so excited to see what great things you do in life”
Anyone’s life can hit a rut that seems impossible to get out of. Letting him know that you think he will do amazing things will help him keep from getting in that rut.

“I hit the jackpot when I met you”
Tell him he is the best guy you have ever dated!

“Your friends are great”
All guys that enter or are getting ready to enter serious relationships want their girl to like their friends. End of story.

14#40-#42 Super Romantic

“You are my best friend”
If he really is your best friend. This will tell him that even though you like gossiping with your BFF since 5th grade that what he and you have is way more real.

“You’re an amazing gifter”
Guys hate shopping for us. They just flat out hate it and are 90% of the time super confused about what to get us. Reassure him.

“You are so husband material”
Again, reserved for couples who have talked about marriage and still then guys can be scared by talking about marriage.

15#43-#45 Just Awww

“I love watching you ______”
Mow the lawn, play with the dog, get into playing video games, cook, or whatever you love watching him do! I personally love watching my man drive his sexy truck, Donna.

“You have your life together and I love that about you”
You don’t want to use this one too much if you both are relatively young. There is enough pressure on 20 to 25 year olds to get their life together. But letting him know that you think he is doing a good job is never bad.

“It so cool that you care about ______ so much”
A job, a hobby, a sport, a non profit organization, a cause, or anything else. For me, it’s how much my man cares about his dog. It makes me so excited about having kids, because if he can love his dog THAT much he is going to love our kids a crazy amount.

16#46-#48 Fun Compliments

“I would love to run away with you”
This is just a fun flirty way to tell your man how much he means to you and how much fun he has with you. I don’t think I would consider taking this one seriously though!

“Your family is awesome”
If he loves his family he will want you to love his family.

“I bet you would be really great at _____”
I typically pick up something he has shown a possible interest in. Like everyone else in the world, men have insecurities about starting something new because of the possibility of failing. Again, reassure him.

17#49-#50 Cute Compliments

“My parents are going to love you”
Help ease the nerves while on the way to meeting your parents for the first time!

“You are such an amazing person”Inside and out, you are just amazing. This says you are kindhearted, caring, loving, and just flat out awesome. This phrase combines the previous 49 compliments.



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