30 Prom Makeup Ideas

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Prom Makeup Ideas And Looks

Prom may just be the most exciting night of your entire school career! With that in mind you’ll want to be feeling your absolute best making sure your outfit and makeup are exactly how you’ve always wanted them. Take a look at these amazing makeup looks to get inspiration for your big night. Who knows, you may be just about to discover your dream makeup look for Prom!

1Rose Gold Eyes

This rose gold look is a beautiful choice from prom. It’s pink hue is pretty and feminine and would look great with a mini dress. We also adore rose gold make up with black lace dresses. The black works as a great blank canvas to let the high shine of this makeup stand out.

2Red Lips With Defined Brows

This look is a perfect for prom, especially if you’re wearing more neutral colours like white, grey or black. This might be one to avoid if you’re wearing pink or something particularly glittery so as not to clash with your outfit or steal focus! Choose a shade of red that compliments your skin tone and keep your eye makeup simple to draw attention to your bold lip choice. Defining your brows with a pencil with complete this subtly glam look.

3Plum Lipstick With Winged Eyeliner

If you prefer darker lip colours, try a deep plum colour as an alternative to red. Like red, it’s striking but the deeper shade is a little more dramatic. If drama is really what you’re after for your prom makeup, try adding winged eyeliner too!

4No Makeup, Makeup

Why not try summer’s favourite trend and go for a makeup, makeup look? This is perfect for ladies that wear very little to no makeup usually, but would like to make a special effort for prom night. This look is also great if you have a particularly fabulous dress that you don’t want your makeup to steal focus from or you’ve gone for a bohemian style maxi dress.

5Bronze Eyeshadow

This is a particularly striking look for blondes but works very well for brunettes too. Bronzed eyeshadow with a saturated shine pigment is a great way to accentuate your eyes and bring out their natural colour.

6Smokey Eye Makeup

There’s no better time to go all out with your eye makeup than prom! Go for sultry smokey eyes for your big night using black and brown shades to really up the drama of your look. This works extremely well if you’ve opted for a long gown that’s equally as dramatic as your makeup.

7Pink Blush Makeup

Use your usual blush colour as inspiration for this look. Keep the colour on your cheeks nice and light and apply eyeshadow in blush tones, highlighting the corners of your eyes to lift the pinky hue. Just add mascara and nude liptick to keep this pretty look light and fresh.

8Glitter Eyeshadow

If there’s ever an occasion for glitz and glamour it’s prom night! Try a glittery eyeshadow or cream instead of a matte one to get this sparkly shine. Keep the rest of your make up simple letting your glittery lids be the main focus.

9Matching Eyeshadow And Earings

This is a bold choice and one that you can try in any colour to match your outfit! Go for a bright yellow like the example shown here for a fun, fresh look or if you prefer something a little tamer, try it with a light pink or pastel blue.

10Coloured Cat Eyes

Try your usual cat eye with a coloured liquid liner for a fun, modern take on this tried and tested trend. We adore this example in bright green but you can really try this look in any colour that suits your skin tone.

11Holographic Makeup

If you really want to shine on prom night, go for holographic makeup. As long as you don’t over apply you can certainly use holographic makeup on all areas of your face. The finished product gives you a beautifully pearlescent but subtle glow. A great way to add dimensions to your look if your dress is made in a matte material.

12Coral Lips

Expecting warm weather for prom? Try a coral lipstick! Keep your make up minimal with this bright colour so as not to overpower your outfit. This shade looks great with a bronzed complexion and brown tinted eyeshadows.

13Blue Under Eye Liner

Try lining underneath your eye instead of inside. Pick a liner in a bright colour that compliments your natural eyecolour rather than matches it to achieve this. Blue is great for brown eyes, lilac for green and coral for blue. These aren’t the only colours that will work for this of course, but these particular shades are great for making the most of your eye colour.

14Bright Ombre Eyeshadow

Show off your makeup skills and mix up your eyeshadow colours with this stiking ombre eyeshadow for prom. Start with the lightest colour at the corner of your eye and heavily blend in in each new bright shade to form a beautiful rainbow effect across the lid. This is great if you can pick colours similar to those in your outfit.

15Dramatic Pink And Purple Makeup

Opt for this gorgeous, deep purple eyeshadow and define your eyebrows to really frame your eyes. This works so well as the dark eye colour isn’t over powered by the rest of the makeup. Keep the rest of your makeup to a minimum in light pink and nude shades.

16Red Lips And Long Lashes

This is a match made in glamour heaven. Long sultry lashes and sumptuous red lips is a classic look reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour and perfectly achievable for prom. Choose either a lengthening mascara or apply false lashes to really make the most of this look.

17Emerald Green Eyeshadow

This is an especially great choice for those with hazel eyes as green naturally emphasises the gorgeous brown tones in your eyes. Choose a shadow with some sparkle to add a little something special from prom night.

18Fuchsia Lipstick

If your outfit allows for it, try a bright fuchsia lipstick for a striking, feminine look!

19Matching Lips And Eyeshadow

This gorgeous look is achieved by matching your eyeshadow colour to your lip colour and using it mainly in the crease of your eye rather than applying all over the lid. Throw in a sultry cat eye and some subtle bronzer and you’re good to go!

20Matte Lips And False Lashes

Wearing minimal makeup and a matte lip colour means you can afford to go all out with your lashes! Find a pair longer than you would normally choose and use them as the centre piece of your makeup look.

21Bronzed Glow

Go minimal for this look. Make sure your skin is moisturised, forget the foundation and apply a mousse bronzer then comb out your brows. A slick of mascara and natural lip balm will finish off this look perfectly.

22Bright Eyes

Want to add some fun to your prom look? Try two clashing shadows, one above the eye and one below to achieve this adventurous yet easily achievable look.

23All Brown Makeup

We understand it doesn’t sound particularly endearing, however if you select brown hues that compliment your skin tone, all brown makeup looks incredibly elegant and stylish.

24Simple Lip Gloss And Mascara

You don’t always need to make a huge statement with your makeup if that’s not your style. Try using a small amount of mascara and lip gloss just to give your features a little lift.

25Soft Pink Lipstick And Glittery Eyeshadow

Soft pink lipstick and glittery eyeshadow is a lovely was to highlight your features without overpowering colours. Especially if you have a fair complexion. Try this feminine look with an up-do to show off your features.

26Blue Eyeliner

Try using a coloured liner all the away your eyes for a more striking, prominent look. Blue is great for blondes but you can try this with any colour that compliments your hair and outfit colour.

27Gel Eyeshadow

Gels are a great way to add colour to your lids with a gorgeously dewy effect and natural looking high shine.

28Black Eyeshadow

This one is perfect for budding drama queens! Choose a jet black eyeshadow and blend it all over the lid and below the bottom lashline. Finish off with a sultry cat eye in liquid eyeliner and long false lashes. Use peachy tones for the rest of your face and lips to make your eyes really stand out.

29Matching Hair And Eyeshadow Colours

If your hair is dyed in a particularly vibrant shade such as pink or blue, go all out and choose an eyeshadow colour that matches it. This is a super fun look and certainly a memorable one!


You may wish to incorporate some sparkle in to your makeup look but don’t fancy using a ton of glitter. Lining just under your bottom lash line with tiny gems like this is not only a totally gorgeous way to add some subtle glam, it also highlights your eyes and really makes them sparkle! Try this with a very natural makeup palette to make the most of this look.


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