30 Love Poems For Him

30 Love Poems For Him

30 Love Poems For Him

There is never a wrong time to show your man how much you appreciate him and the relationships that you share. I think we all know that guys are expected to show their love more with flowers, candy, teddy bears and poems but turn the tables around every once in a while. Whether it is his birthday, your anniversary or just another simple day, these 30 love poems will remind him how special he is. After all, you have to keep the spark alive in your relationship no matter the occasion and he can’t be the only one doing it!

1Choosing You

In life, we have the control to choose who we want to let in our lives. Lucky enough, you chose to fall in love with your guy. There was no need to be scared and second-guess your decision because fate led you to him.

2A Search for You

It’s refreshing when you have been patiently waiting for that special someone to finally come into your life and then he does. Your guy is that person who you have been waiting for and why all the other guys never worked out. Let him know that he’s the one for you.

3A Sip of Eternity

Your man is everything you have ever wanted, the sun, the stars and the sky. He is your universe and because of that, you love him so much. Let this poem remind him how much he means to you and the happiness he has brought into your life.

4A Thousand Things

He does not have to do much to impress you. He can literally sit there and can make you fall in love with him all over again. It’s the simple things about him that make you realize how amazing he is.

5All Or Nothing

No person is perfect and when you love someone, you take them as they are. Your man is the person you want, no matter the situation. You want all of him, the good and the bad, and there’s no other way you would want him.

6An Ocean of Feelings

You never felt the feelings that your guy makes you feel which is why your relationship with him is so unique. Because of him, you know what the true meaning of love is and how it is supposed to be felt.

7At First Glance

Sometimes the person we are with did not really intrigue us when we first met them but then he started to show us who he was. He showed you what was on his mind, his ideas and his passion. The more he spoke, the more you started to fall in love with him.

8Better Me

There is nothing better than having a person who can help you become the best version of yourself. Your boyfriend/husband has given you the love and confidence to see what you lacked to see within yourself and because of that, he deserves endless amount of love. He has helped you become you.

9Finding Love

When love feels like it has escaped our lives, it sometimes comes knocking on the door to prove that it has never left. Your special guy was the prime example of showing you that love can exist again when you thought it was no longer real. Not only that but he shone light on parts of you never knew existed.

10The Dusk

Through the good and the bad, you will always be there for your man no matter what. You have seen each other’s flaws and seen your greatest assets. Regardless of the situation, you have overcome every obstacle that was thrown in your relationship and that’s how it will be forever.

11Drawn Into You

It is true when they say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. With one look, a whole story can be told and that’s what your man does to you. He tells you all that he needs to with his eyes and you can understand it all.

12Clumsy Love

Everything can’t always be neat and tidy. A little bit of clumsiness adds some characters and uniqueness to anything. Being that you are a little mess and your bf makes you a little clumsy due to his perfection, it’s ok. You are not perfect but you love wholeheartedly and that’s the best kind of love you can offer.


He starts to become everything to you. He is the reason why you do the things you do and act the way you act. Suddenly, you find yourself thinking of him more than usual and there’s nothing wrong with that. Show your man your love and appreciation for him with this poem and he will realize how important he is.

14I, For You

Many things fall in life and sometimes, falling can be painful. But not the fall that you are falling from. You are falling for him and although it can be a scary experience if it is your first time, it is something worth taking. You will fall and trust him that he will catch you.

15Late Night Conversations

There are times when we meet someone who fascinates us so much, they keep us up at night. In this case, you found him and you can’t help but to talk to the moon about him! His whole being leaves you thinking about him day and night and you just can’t find the power to sleep. He makes your heart happy and that’s how it should be.

16Lets Read On

You have to find someone who turns you on more than just physically. You see them and want to unravel what’s in their mind and see their thoughts. He fascinates you in every way that you are willing to sit for hours to understand who he is.

17Light of My Life

We are willing to do anything it takes to make the person we love happy and your man deserves just that! You might not be the perfect person but who is? With all your flaws, he loves you the way you are and because of that, you will give him an endless supply of love.


Because there’s no person who you would rather get lost with than him. You lose yourself in each other, finding out new things and passions that fascinate you even more. That’s the exciting thing about your relationship – there is something new to always learn about one another.

19My Constellations

In the darkest nights, he seems the brighten them up with his words, kindness and love for you. He has done this so often that even the stars know who he is. Brightening up not only your night but your days as well. He is the light of your life.

20My Darling

Your man has gone above and beyond your expectation of what love is supposed to be and how it is supposed to be felt. Showering you with kindness, love and allowing you to grow as a person, he is the reason why you know what love is. There’s no way any other person can offer you what he has so let him know!

21My Morning Coffee

Some people need their cup of coffee before they wake up but you prefer your man. His being is enough to wake up your soul no matter the time of day. His energy has the power to awaken your soul with happiness and love.

22No Resistance

Your man has become irresistible. You try to stop him from having power over you but you just can’t help it. It’s his character, his actions, his style, his being that keeps you coming back for more every time! You can’t help but want him all the time and lucky enough, he’s all yours. Let him know how irresistible he is just by being him!

23No Stopping

Loving him isn’t the question. The question is if you will ever stop. Your man has made such an impact in your life where he has given you love and kindness that you don’t know if you will ever stop having feelings for him.

24Our Canvas

Some people are just meant to be and that’s what you and your man have become. When you both met, it was an instant click and the universe knew that both of you were meant to be together!

25Over and Over

We all have one life and lucky for you, you get to spend it with your man! But no matter how many lives you would have lived, you will always choose him. Over and over again.

26Remembering You

Because even in your dreams, you fall in love with your man! Let him know that when you’re not with him, he’s running through your mind day and night.

27Show Me Your Soul

Sometimes your man might think that he’s not a good enough person for you but you know that’s not true! Let him know that what he thinks is damaged, shines bright!

28Soul Snatching

Your man is soul snatching but you don’t mind at all. He can take all there is from you because you know that he won’t do anything to harm you. The love you have created within your relationship has caused you to respect one another and not manipulate each other’s feelings.

29To Know Him

Your man has kept you on your toes with all that he does. That’s because you are so intrigued by his presence that you want to know all there is about him. You pay attention to what makes him happy, excited and sad and want to make sure you know what those things are. You might have never paid much attention to anyone else but that is because the man in your life now is special!

30Weak in the Knees

Your man leaves you completely weak that sometimes, the words you say don’t completely make sense. It’s obvious that he does more than make you forget you have knees but sometimes a brain! But it is all ok, that’s what love does to us. Your mind is so consumed by your man that you don’t care if you don’t make sense. He loves you the way you are and because of that, he is the holder of your heart.



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