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25 Cute Acrylic Nail Designs



25 Acrylic Nails Designs

People tend to confuse acrylic nails with fake nails. Whilst fake nails cover the whole fingernail, acrylic nails are extensions placed on the end to help them look longer and make them easier to shape. If you’re a nail biter or you just have problems with growing your nails out, acrylic nails will probably be the ideal solution. Acrylic nails are great for events and for everyday life as they are more practical than fake nails. Here are some ideas of what you can do with your acrylic nails!

1Sparkles and Glitter Acrylic Nails!

We think these would look great at a party or a wedding, with a white dress to look super crisp and classy! Like in this example, do a different design per finger nail so it doesn’t look like you’ve invaded your little sister’s cupboards and poured glitter everywhere! White and glitter acrylic nails are perfect for a summer event, and geometric shapes are so on-trend!

2Nude Color

Nude make-up is the Kardashians’ go-to style, and so it should be! It’s practical and subtle for school, college or work! It doesn’t look over the top, but it looks timeless and smart. This is an all-year round look that will still look as cute in winter! Wear this with a pastel blue top as the nude color will really stand out against the light shade.

3Zip Up!

If you’re a nail art pro, here is a neat idea for you! We love the stripey denim-like effect! This is perfect for everyday situations if you have had enough of just the basic coat of polish! You can match it to your jeans – do a light grey and black version to match your washed out black jeans! We think it’s so original and pretty!

4Blue Almond Acrylic Nails

This color reminds us so much of Frozen! However, this isn’t necessarily a winter color! This gorgeous color can work any time in the year, and would look good against rich colors such as burgundy. Wear this color at an event with a burgundy dress and you will make jaws drop!

5Floral and Cute Acrylic Nails

This stunning style is totally getting us in the mood for summer! If you are talented with your nail art brush, try out this intricate design! These roses look so good over these dark purple and white nails. The design isn’t necessarily ideal for everyday use as it is quite complex, but yet again for special occasions. If you have been invited to any garden parties, this would look beautiful, and you would be following the theme!


Use nail transfers to achieve this fabulous black and white look! Nail transfers are so easy to do, and they save you from having to painstakingly dab at your nails with a tiny brush! These swirls will go with any outfit, whether it is a party dress or just a basic jeans and top combo. You will look like you have just come out of the salon!

7Pushing Daisies Short Acrylic Nails

Instead of sculpting your nails into the typical stiletto style, why not try the squared oval? If you hate super long acrylic nails, this shape is the best! It looks a lot more natural and they are easier to maintain! Use a round sponge or a stamping to obtain the perfect circle! This design is perfect for spring and summer!

8Shine Bright Like A Diamond

Get yourself some nail charms to add some bling! There are some great cheap ones at Daily Charme, if you’re a vintage fan, there are some beautiful art deco ones! Here is how you put them on:
1) Apply two top coats of clear polish and let them dry completely
2) Apply a thick layer of clear polish and add the charm
3) Put another layer of clear polish over the top of the nail and the charm itself

9A Touch Of Glitter!

If you found the first style too sparkly, try this out! It is practical, and if you want a sparkly style for everyday, this still remains subtle and cute! Find a normal nail polish in a particular color, and find a glittery one in a similar color, then the glitter won’t stand out or look too dramatic! This looks great in the summer with a glowing tan!

10Marble Effect!

We love this! It is surprisingly easy to do and you can try it with any color!
1) Apply a transparent base coat to your nail to make your design last longer. If you want to brighten your colors, add a coat of white polish!
2) Once your nails are dry, protect your fingers by using tape or cuticle oil, or if you have the Peel Off polish, use that around your nails!
3) Take a small glass, that you won’t mind getting stained, fill it with lukewarm water.
4) Pick at least two acrylic nail colors colors that stand out from one another but still go together obviously!
5) Drop one color into the water, the color should spread across the whole surface and repeat with the other color(s).
6) Use a tooth pick to spread the colors and create a pattern.
7) Dip your nail into the pattern and hold it there for a few seconds. Then, slowly pull your finger out.
8) Shake off the water as it can create bubbles in your design!
9) If you have any excess nail varnish on your finger, grab a Q tip and nail polish remover and rub off the rest!
10) Once your design is dry, as usual, apply a clear top coat to protect your nails.

11Ombré Red Acrylic Nails

We think this red and black combo would look lush for Halloween or a fancy dress party! You can use other colors though for everyday use! We are thinking pastel pink to white for a summer time fresh look! Check out our quick tutorial here to find out how you can DIY this design!

12So 90s!

Who else thinks that this cute style is so 90s? Add a denim choker for a full-on nineties charm! This design is achieved with nail stickers, so have a look at your nearest drugstore for cute designs. We could so see Charli XCX rocking this look!

13Lace Long Acrylic Nails

How elegant does this look? This is great for very dressy events. You can get fingernail-sized lace from Ebay, or you can cut it out yourself! Here is how you can get the look!
1) Cut the lace into the shape you want, so this can be the shape of your nail or a half oval shape like in the picture to cover the top of your nail.
2) Paint your finger nails with a base coat, do this twice.
3) Add a clear coat, and whilst it is still wet, apply the lace as quickly as you can, and press down without smudging the other layers.
4) Add another clear coat to protect the lace as well as the nail.
5) Trim the lace if there are bits poking out.

14Kaki Fall Acrylic Nails

If you love earthy colors, or want to match your nails to fall season, this is the design for you! This is super easy to do and looks stunning everyday. Kaki goes with a lot of colors such as burgundy, white, black, beige, and pastel pink! This will look good with virtually anything in your wardrobe! Don’t be afraid to match your nail polish with your accessories, if you have a kaki bag, this will look lush!

15Rock Chick

For the rock chick, who found the previous designs too girly, this is one of our faves! A clear nail varnish with cute black nail stickers! So spooky yet so so beautiful! Yet again, Daily Charme have a wide selection of nail stickers to suit any taste!

16White Acrylic Nails with Nude Stripes

If you’re more into simple acrylic nails, This style is simple but effortless, and white makes your nails look heavenly! Use a stamping or tape to create this cut-out style. It can be done on every nail or just one nail per hand for a quirkier look.


Recognize the lips? Yes, they are from Kylie Jenner’s new lipstick range! We think the logo is really cool and it looks even better on our nails! Use nail art pens or paintbrushes to paint this design on! You will have Kylie wishing she had your nails!

18Geometric Pink Acrylic Nails

This is so summery! This geometric design and neon pink polish is our dream pairing! The geometric pattern is so easy and quick to do, and would look great at a festival with a denim jacket or a kaki parka! And even when the weather is bad, it will psych you up for summer!

19For The Foodies DIY Acrylic Nails

Summer is literally synonymous for ice cream, right girls? We can show you how to get this scrumptious design in only a few steps…
1) Paint your nail with a base coat, we think a bright color like this green looks brilliant on a summer’s day!
2) Decide what flavor you want, like a dark brown for chocolate, and paint a dripping design, or if you find that difficult, a cloud like design.
3) Use pastel colors and paint little dots on the “ice cream” to look like candy sprinkles.
4) Add a clear top coat to protect the layers.

20Floral (Stamping)

Another floral design that would look great everyday, paint it in white and match it with a white dress or floaty top for a crisp look! For the base coat, we recommend burgundy, or blue almond acrylic nails for beach-ready look!

21Indian Nights

We have fallen in love with this dreamy feather and dreamcatcher look! This is definitely the design you should be wearing at the next music festival, or even on a road trip with friends! Imagine it, the wind in your hair, summer music, and the best nails ever! Perfection!

22Mix And Match French Acrylic Nails

Experiment with different types of nail polish to add texture to your designs! We like to experiment with matte varnish and lacquer to switch it up a bit from the basic one coat habit we all tend to have! Add the lacquer to the tops of your finger nails to make them look shiny and modern!

23Black Acrylic Nails

Who said leopard print had to look tacky? This would look gorge with a pink outfit, or with a total rock-inspired one! This is how you do it!
1) Apply two coats of your base, we recommend a light brown like in the picture.
2) On a bit of card, drip a bit of a darker color (so brown or black). Make sure there is a reasonable distance between the drops as you will want to spread them out with a toothpick after this.
3) Do the same step with a slightly lighter color.
4) Dip the toothpick into the lighter polish and dab it onto the nail several times.
5) Dip the toothpick into the darker polish and outline the dots from the previous step. Leave some small gaps in each border to create a roughness of a cheetah print.
6) Once it is dry, add a clear top coat.


The nautical style never seems to go out of fashion! We see this look with a red fitted A-line dress for the perfect dinner date look! Watch your crush blush thanks to your cute nail and impeccable dress sense!

25Fruity Fresh

This design is so fresh, acrylic nail art, this watermelon nails are for you! Fruity and summery! It will literally make your mouth water, you’ll want to eat your nails! We would do this style for a summer barbecue, sitting in the garden with a delicious fruity cocktail! Ahhh… summer…



  1. No 20 is something I would also recommend for every day because it’s discrete and stylish. The burgundy and black combo never fails.


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