21 Best Drugstore Moisturizers

21 Best Drugstore Moisturizers

21 Best Drugstore Moisturizers

If you’re looking for a good, high-quality moisturizer, no one said a good product has to come with a hefty price tag! In fact, some of the best moisturizers are right at the local drugstore or available on Amazon. Find a formula that works best for your skin with this list of the best budget-friendly drugstore moisturizers for every skin type.

1Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture for Combination Skin

We love this moisturizer from Neutrogena because it will work on any skin type, combatting each skin’s faults and giving you a glow even without makeup. It will control shine and oil, all whilst nourishing the skin. It absorbs fast, so it is a great solution for the girl on the go! It also makes a good makeup base for those of you wishing to make a change from BB or CC cream. This product is versatile and a bargain!
If you like this product you can buy it here.

2Frudia Blueberry Hydrating Cream

This moisturizer smells like a dream… well, a blueberry one that is! The fruity smell is almost good enough to eat and will make your skin feel fruity fresh too. The organic ingredients (blueberry and tomato seed oil) will work together to nourish your skin and lock in moisture, but also tackle your excess moisture. Perfection!

3Garnier Skinactive Moisture Bomb

The moisture bomb literally does what it says on the tub. It will quench your skin’s thirst and hydrate it to make it super soft and healthy. As it is a gel-cream, it is lightweight and not greasy. It also makes a light base to apply under your makeup.
If you like this product you can buy it here.

4Pond’s Clarant B3

Pond’s created this moisturizer to solve all your dark spots woes. It is made up of vitamins B3 and C, which your skin will thank you for! It also fights discoloration for a radiant look. You will love going makeup free after using this moisturizer! It is highly recommended for normal to dry skin – if that sounds like you, get your hands on this now!
If you like this product you can buy it here.

5e.l.f Illuminating Moisturizer

We can’t get enough of e.l.f’s products and this moisturizer is no exception! It will brighten up your complexion thanks to its soothing ingredients like jojoba oil, aloe, and cucumber. It is perfect for dehydrated skin and isn’t too heavy on the skin. The smell is cool and refreshing, you will love throwing this into your skincare routine!

6La Roche-Posay Toleraine Double Action UV Moisturizer

We can always count on La Roche-Posay for cutting-edge skin-care products at a small price. This moisturizer will treat your “microbiome”, where you can find your good bacteria, and treats and moisturizes deep into the top layer of the skin. It also replenishes your skin and protects it from the sun as it is SPF 30 – you can’t go wrong really!

7Nivea Soft Creme

Nivea will never let us down, and they certainly haven’t with their Soft Creme! This works wonders on your face but also the rest of your body. If you suffer from dry hands, it will do the job! It smells lush and moisturizes well, plus it is lightweight and great value for money.
If you like this product you can buy it here.

8Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Moisturizer Pink Grapefruit

Another Neutrogena product, but this time, a fruity one! We can’t resist the pink grapefruit smell, and the refreshing ingredients will brighten your skin only after a few applications. It will fight those pesky breakouts and shrinks pores. You can also apply it as a base under your makeup.
If you like this product you can buy it here.

9Aveeno Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer

This lush product from Aveeno will naturally even out your skin tone AND protect you from the sun! The moisturizer will give you a natural glow and leave skin soft and smooth. It won’t clog your pores and will put a stop to those soul-destroying breakouts. Plus, it smells great! What more could you ask for?
If you like this product you can buy it here.

10L’Oréal Paris Revitalift Triple Power Day Lotion SPF 30

This moisturizer from L’Oréal doesn’t just hydrate your skin but also keeps it nice a firm. It can help heal sun damage and dark spots too. It lasts all-day-long making it a perfect starting base for your makeup routine and isn’t greasy. We are sure it will become your go-to product for your skin care routine!
If you like this product you can buy it here.

11Lumene Glow Reveal Moisturizer

This will enhance your natural glow and make you look radiant after just a few applications thanks to its vital ingredients like Vitamin C and Arctic cloudberry. Lumene have used brightening technology so that you get smoother, firmer and plumper skin. It will also get to work on your most stubborn of spots – everything you could possibly wish for!
If you like this product you can buy it here.

12Skinfix Hydrating Lotion

Skinfix’s Hydrating Lotion is 95% natural, so it will be a healthy product to apply daily. Their Healthy Lipid Complex will achieve soft, glowing skin, all whilst being lightweight. It is compatible with all skin types and is cruelty-free. With its relatively low price, it is an ideal alternative to its more expensive competitors!
If you like this product you can buy it here.

13Avène Hydrance Optimale Rich Cream

Your skin will drink this moisturizer up and glow like crazy! It will totally refresh your complexion and soothe your skin as it contains thermal water, and make it less dry. Though it is pricier than its fellow drugstore competitors, a little goes a long way, making the extra $$ worth it!
If you like this product you can buy it here.

14Garnier Ultra Lift Miracle Sleeping Cream Night Cream

The consistency of this product is slightly thicker due to the fact it is a night cream, but fear not – a little goes a long way with this product too. It absorbs very quickly and eliminates dullness as well as evening out your skin tone. No matter how old you are, with this moisturizer, you will have youthful looking skin in a matter of sleep! It is ideal for those of you with sensitive skin or uneven skin tone!
If you like this product you can buy it here.

15Formula 10.0.6 Thirst No More Moisturizer

This moisturizer is extremely powerful for $9, and it’s natural! It contains watermelon, lentil and apple extracts to revitalize and soften your skin. This is of a heavier consistency, so for those of you with oily skin, this may not be the best product for you, as it is more suitable for those with dry skin who need a bit of moisture. The smell isn’t too overpowering and is quite subtle, making it a refreshing option for your skincare routine!

16Olay Complete All Day Moisturizer Normal Skin SPF 15

This moisturizer will simplify your skincare routine as it is so multi-functional. It will moisturize and condition your skin, and protect it from the sun with SPF 15. The application is simple, and the product lasts all day! After a few applications, you will be showing off your bare face all the time!
If you like this product you can buy it here.

17Sonia Kashuk Radiant Boost Restorative Facial Oil

For a drugstore product, this facial oil is amazingly performing. It will give you a dewy, healthy glow, with and without makeup! Though it is an oil, it won’t make your skin greasy and will tackle your tricky acne. For the tiny price, the product lasts for a long while, even with daily application, it is well worth your time and money!
If you like this product you can buy it here.

18Yes To Coconuts Ultra Hydrating Soufflé Moisturizer

This lightweight whipped moisturizer will soothe your skin and refresh it after breakouts or a long day out in the sun. It hydrates your skin and makes it feel soft too. It is a bit oily, so we would recommend this product to girls with dry skin. If you love coconut, then you will love this product as it smells fruity fresh!

19St. Ives Timeless Skin Collagen Elastin Facial Moisturizer

St. Ives have made perfection in a tub! Firstly, have you guys seen the size of the tub? It will keep you for MONTHS! It is great at tackling lines, breakouts, and wrinkles… it is a miracle moisturizer! It will also give you a fresh-faced glow, so get ready for lots of compliments ladies!
If you like this product you can buy it here.

20Aquaphor Advanced Therapy Healing Ointment

Did you know this a product that Beyoncé swears by? Well, it’s not a surprise! Beyoncé gets her lush skin thanks to its key ingredient – petroleum. Though this means it will be slightly greasy, the results are worth the challenge. Super soft, nourished skin and fewer breakouts will win you over! It also heals minor cuts and burns and soothes them – amazing value for money!
If you like this product you can buy it here.

21Bioderma Sensibio AR Cream

For girls who suffer from redness or from dry skin, you will love the Sensibio AR Cream! You won’t be able to go on without it! It soothes sensitive skin and nourishes it, and it is super rich but won’t cause breakouts. It is lightweight and makes a perfect primer to kick start your makeup routine. It can also be used as a night cream due to its rich ingredients. You have got to love a versatile product!
If you like this product you can buy it here.


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