100 Middle Names for Girls

middle names for girls

100 Middle Names for Girls

Picking out a middle name for your darling little girl can be a lengthy and difficult process, especially with so many options to choose from. It’s hard to find a name that has a nice flow with the first name but doesn’t collide with the surname either.

To make your part a little easier, we’ve compiled a list of 100 of our favorite middle names for girls. Whether it’s currently trending or a bit more obscure, the names on this list are absolutely beautiful and we are confident you will find a name that’s perfect for your baby girl!


Caroline: Of French origin meaning “Free Man,” Caroline is a super cute middle name for any girl.

Kit: Shorthand for Katherine and meaning “Pure,” Kit is very posh and works particularly well with a long first name.

Rose: Giving your girl a middle name after what’s often considered the most beautiful flower on Earth will always remind her how much you love her.

Ashley: This name gives off a bit of a retro vibe and has an interesting meaning: “Dweller Near the Ash Tree Meadow.”

Violet: Both a color and a flower, this middle name exudes elegance and class.


Sierra: With intriguing alternate spellings such as “Ciara” and “Cierra,” this name has a great deal of versatility.

Allison: A Scottish name meaning “Noble,” this name is often a seamless transition from first to last name.

Paige: This cute and quirky name would fit adorably on any baby girl.

Nicole: Greek for “People of Victory,” Nicole is a strong yet feminine selection as a middle name.

Erin: A pretty yet short middle name, Erin is the poetic name for “Ireland.”


Madeleine: A sweet French cognate for Magdalene (“of Magdala,” a town on the coast of the Sea of Galilee), Madeleine has variations of “Madeline” and “Madelyn” with the pet names “Maddi,” Maddie,” or Maddy.”

Elle: You can dress this name up to “Ella” to make her feel like a princess or leave it short at “Elle” for a cool reference to the power protagonist from Legally Blonde. We happen to adore both.

Samantha: This name can be left long for a regal feel or shortened to “Sam” for a unique twist.

Court: A trendy nickname for “Courtney,” Court is a refreshing option for a middle name.

Gabrielle: For a French flair to your daughter’s name, this is a wonderful option.


Molly: This cute and sassy name works well for one-syllable first names.

Anne: Meaning “Grace,” Anne is a vintage yet popular middle name.

Elizabeth: This esteemed name is held most famously by the monarch of England. Take that for inspiration!

Robin: This chirpy name is an uncommon and lovely middle name for a girl.

Megan: Welsh for “Pearl,” Megan was super popular in the 90’s and is now on the decline. Take advantage of the lower competition for such a becoming name!


Juliet: Shakespearean to the core, this is a way to make your daughter appreciate the arts, or at least Romeo & Juliet.

Vera: Another iconic name, Vera is an obscure yet absolutely stunning name repped proudly by the main character of Wuthering Heights, the popular fashion chain, Vera Bradley, and fashion designer, Vera Wang.

Noelle: Meaning “Christmas” in French, Noelle has an effortless flow.

Elise: A trendy and less severe form of “Elizabeth,” Elise is a cute name for any girl.

Christine: A well-known yet less common name which is a nice option for a girl who is fearless and a go-getter.


Linn: Meaning “Lake” in Welsh, this name is short and sweet.

Michelle: This name is once again on the rise, but you can still catch it before it hits the top!

Luna: If you want to pay homage to J.K. Rowling and the Harry Potter series, give your daughter the middle name of Luna, and a series of books to forever have a tight bond with.

Cora: This tropical-sounding name is simple and contemporary, allowing it to be a solid option for a middle name.

Nadia: Meaning “Hope” of Russian origin, Nadia is an alluring name that, if not a first name, makes a breathtaking middle one as well.


Wren: If you want your girl to be a songbird, this cute and modern name is just perfect for her.

Victoria: This refined name, meaning “Victory” in Latin, is always a fierce name for your baby girl.

Trinity: An uncommon but not unheard of name, this is for those who dare to be different.

Blaire: Scottish for “Dweller on the Plain.” A short yet bubbly name.

Felicity: A reminder for your daughter to always choose happiness.


Joy: A shorter alternative to Felicity with the same meaning.

Lindsey: An old and reputable unisex name meaning “Marshlands of Lincolnshire,” Lindsey is a beautiful historical name.

Hope: Classy, short, and sweet! Let your daughter know that she’ll never be hopeless with this modern name.

Ivana: This lovely name is rare and precious. Make use of its individuality for your daughter!

Giselle: Meaning “Pledge” in German, Giselle is the name of a star-in-the-making.


Jasmine: For those who want their daughter to be strong, resourceful, and resilient. Also, for fans of Aladdin.

Rebecca: This name can be elegant when left as Rebecca or shortened to spunky and sporty “Becca.”

Eden: This Biblical name is increasing in popularity and is a gorgeous middle name.

Emma: Ever classic, Emma is an esteemed middle name and will always be a good choice.

Charlotte: A popular royal name, this name has to deal with a lot of publicity, but aside from the overwhelming popularity, it makes for a real consideration.


Nadine: An alternate to Nadia, Nadine is a retro yet fresh take for a girl’s name.

Avery: For anyone who wants to let their geek side show while naming their kids, Avery is the best option, meaning “Ruler of the Elves.”

Diana: This name oozes power and, meaning “Divine” in Latin, is sure to be a confidence booster to your girl.

Jade: We absolutely love this unique name! Meaning “Stone of the Side” in Spanish, Jade pairs well with a longer first name.

Olivia: This classic and feminine name can be left alone or spruced up to the vintage “Olive.”


Kiana: This is a fairly new name that has yet to stand the test of time, but it is very rare and is definitely a unique choice.

Rowan: Meaning “Little Redhead” and being Scottish and Irish of origin, Rowan is such an adorable name that, if somehow doesn’t make it to your first name sheet, should absolutely be on your middle name shortlist.

Willow: Named after a beautiful tree, Willow is a nature-centric name that has a nice flow.

Bea: Meaning “She Who Brings Happiness” and derived from “Beatrice,” Bea is a short and cute name that will work well with any first or last name.

Gloria: Though a bit dated, Gloria is a name that can never be forgotten.


Laurel: This is a stand-alone name, but can also be a hidden gem as a middle name.

Ava: Meaning “Life” in Latin, Ava is a name that will grow and change along with your daughter!

Natalia: This name has been on the rise ever since diverging from “Natalie” in the 80’s and is a perfect follow-up to a short-sounding first name.

Zuri: Meaning “Good, Beautiful” in Swahili, Zuri is just that. We recommend this show-stopper as a first name, but if it doesn’t take the trophy for you, it can also work very well as a middle name.

Josephine: This name is very 1960’s, and that’s a great thing. Josephine is on the climb to becoming one of the most popular names in the country!


Hannah: Meaning “Grace” in Hebrew, Hannah is a classic name that can’t possibly sound anything other than amazing with your daughter’s name. We totally get it if you don’t want a Hannah Montana vibe though.

Britt: Short for “Brittany,” Britt is a chic twist for a middle name.

Isabelle: One of the most popular names in the country, and for good reason. Isabelle is effortless and graceful.

Lily: Another flower, Lily is a darling middle name.

Tiffany: Elegant and polished, Tiffany is a magnificent name that has fallen out of popularity over the past few years but is a completely viable option.


Ellen: Your daughter will be a “bright, shining light” with this as her middle name.

Faith: A straightforward virtue name, Faith is simple and honest.

May: With discretion, including your daughter’s birth month as her middle name is a creative idea.

Jennifer: Ever popular, Jennifer is one of the most widely-used names around!

Maggie: Diminutive of “Margaret,” Maggie is vivacious and happy.


Carolyn: This variation of “Caroline” works well with one-to-two-syllable first names.

Amy: Meaning “Beloved” in French, Amy is a timeless name that sounds good with a longer first name.

Colleen: Although it’s a straightforward meaning (“Girl” in Irish), Colleen is a glamorous yet humble name.

Alyssa: Consistently a popular name, Alyssa is a “noble” frontrunner for many in their middle name search.

Riley: A cute and upbeat name meaning “Courageous” in Irish, Riley is unique in that it can be used as a front, middle, or last name.


Arielle: This is an upscale name for some Little Mermaid vibes.

Lee: This generic middle name always has a cute and sweet edge.

Jordan: This sporty name means “Flowing Down” in Hebrew.

Siena: A province in Italy, this location-based name is totally charming.

Bianca: Another Italian name, Bianca is sassy and bold.


Hayden: A relatively new girl’s name meaning “Heather-Grown Hill” in English.

Taylor: An English occupational name, this classic name pairs well with any length of first name.

Libby: This cute and retro name is catchy and can easily become your daughter’s nickname.

Rachel: Name your daughter after your favorite Friends character, Rachel Green.

Veronica: This down-to-earth name means “True Image” in Latin.


Kiera: This devious name means “Little Dark One” and is of Irish origin.

Audre: Variation of “Audrey,” Audre is unique and your girl will love its individuality.

Grace: Another English virtue name, Grace is an always name.

Francesca: Meaning “From France,” Francesca is an effortless and refined name.

Jessica: Character from Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice.


Mia: This is a cute and short name that pairs well with multiple-syllable first names.

Emily: One of the most popular names of this era, Emily won’t go away anytime soon.

Seraphina: A beautiful variation of the ever-present Sara.

Brooke: Meaning “Small Stream” in English, Brooke has a nice sound for a middle name.

Maya: Made famous by Maya Angelou, this name is truly prophetic.


Piper: This cute name will forever mean something special to your daughter.

Julia: This classic but beautiful name translates to “Youthful” in Latin.

Charity: Charity is our favorite English value name!

London: The busiest spot in England, London is a trendy and chic name for your daughter.

Amara: A name of multiple meanings, Amara is an uncommon but gorgeous middle name to be considered for your daughter.



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