Topical Numbing Cream for Laser Hair Removal

topical numbing cream for Laser Hair Removal

Best Topical Numbing Cream for Laser Hair Removal

After heading to your first laser hair removal treatment, you may want to consider purchasing a numbing cream to help ease the pain of the process. The cream should not interfere with the effectiveness of the treatment but will certainly make it much less painful afterwards. This is especially true if you are having a large area treated at one time.
Read on our recommendations for the best topical numbing creams on the market, along with how-to guide and tips.


Types of Numbing Creams – Lidocaine vs Benzocaine

When searching for a numbing cream to use before your laser hair removal treatment, it is important to read the active ingredients to ensure you are purchasing a product that will actually work for you. Just about all numbing creams will have Lidocaine or Benzocaine or a combination of both as the active ingredient. They look very similar however, they are quite different. Lidocaine is the active ingredient that will actually numb you before a laser treatment. It is exclusively used in cosmetic treatment offices and by doctors for smaller procedures. It can be used topically and does not cause any irritation, swelling, or exfoliation of the skin that might disrupt the treatment process. Benzocaine is a numbing agent that actually is used best for mucous membrane areas. This means the inside of your mouth and gums rather than on your skin. It will not be very effective on it’s own as a numbing agent and should only be included as an active ingredient in combination with lidocaine.

6 Best Topical Numbing cream for laser hair removal



When heading into your first or fifth laser hair removal treatment, you want to make sure you have all your bases covered when it comes to pain relief and prevention. Applying a numbing cream before you go in is the way to go if you want the process to be smooth and easy. However, all creams are not created equal and some provide better numbing power than others. UberNumb is a cream that works fast and effectively. It is 5% lidocaine which is the highest amount allowed in an over the counter product as per the FDA. Any over the counter product that does not require a prescription that totes that it contains more than 5% is likely not being truthful. The cream works quickly which means it doesn’t need to be applied over an hour before your appointment. Within 20-25 minutes, you will be ready to head to your appointment for a pain free experience. The numbing cream lasts for up to 2 hours so you don’t have to worry about it wearing off halfway through the process. It is a non greasy formula that won’t stain your clothes or make it difficult for the technician to properly do their job when it comes to the actual treatment. The cream contains vitamin E oil which helps with the after treatment inflammation as well as helps to moisturize the skin as it may be dry. It is an effective product that does what it promises.

2HUSH anesthetic

HUSH anesthetic

While this is a product that is marketed towards those receiving tattoos, it is highly effective for those seeking laser hair removal treatment. It is one of the most popular products on the market right now as far as skin numbing goes. What makes this product unique is that it can be used before and after a treatment to deal with pain prevention and pain that will come up once the effects have worn off. This is not a cream but actually a gel. Aside from the numbing agent, it includes a blend of natural botanicals like aloe vera gel to aid in the healing process without affecting the work that has been done. The cream will work on cutting down redness and inflammation after the procedure which will also aid in lessening pain. HUSH anesthetic has 4% lidocaine which is fairly high when compared to other products on the market. The gel is simple and easy to use. One hour before your appointment, apply the gel over the area that is being treated. Do not rub it in like a moisturizer. Rather apply a thick layer evenly over the area. Wrap or cover the area in plastic wrap to allow the product to absorb into the skin for about an hour. Once you unwrap, you will be all set to head to your treatment.

3Numb 100

Many people will admit that they want to have unwanted hair removed in a more permanent way with laser hair removal. However, they will also admit that they are terrified of the pain that they will experience and would rather not go through it. Numb 100 is a product that numbs the skin quickly and effectively to make beauty treatments like laser hair removal possible. The way that the Numb 100 works is that it penetrates through several layers of skin to hit directly onto the pain receptors. The product blocks the pain receptors for about 90 minutes before it starts to wear off. During this time, you will be able to go through a painful laser hair removal treatment without feeling the pain at all. What makes this product great is that there are no side effects once it wears off. The product numbs without being harsh on the skin which means no irritation, rashes, or itchiness.

4Numb Master

Numb Master

Applying a numbing cream can seem like an intimidating process on top of the intimidating treatment of laser hair removal. However, it is quite easy and can be useful for pain management. Numb Master Numbing Gel is straight to the point in how it works and super easy to use and remove. The cream contains a high level of lidocaine which means that it is incredibly effective. It will work for those that have the shallowest of pain thresholds. The gel is a water based formula which means that it is easy to apply and easy to remove. Once applied, there will not be a sticky, cakey, or gooey residue left on the skin. When you are ready to wipe it off, you can simply use a gentle face wash and water to remove it. The gel works quickly, within 20-25 minutes which is great for an appointment that doesn’t allow for much prep time. It lasts for about an hour which means that you can get through the entire process without worrying about it wearing off. For quick and fully effective penetration into the skin, apply a thick layer of the gel to the area of skin that you are having treated. Cover that layer of skin for the 20-25 minutes to prevent evaporation and speed up penetration.



With the maximum amount of lidocaine available for an over the counter product, Topicaine 5 is a highly effective numbing gel. Laser hair removal is a type of treatment that may hurt for some and be mildly painful for others. If it is your first treatment, there is no way to know where you may fall in the spectrum. To ensure that you can make it through the process, it is essential that you apply a numbing cream before heading into your appointment. Topicaine 5 is a product that will have your back throughout the treatment. The high level of lidocaine ensures that the product will penetrate down to the deepest pain receptor nerves in the skin and block them for at least an hour. You can apply the gel 30 minutes before your procedure for maximum benefits. The non-greasy formula ensures that the product will not stain your clothing or make the technician’s job more difficult. It also will not dry out your skin after you apply it like other oil-based products. It is a wonderful, maximum strength product that is great for those first-time laser hair removal clients that are unsure of the pain associated with the treatment.

6Vasocaine Numbing Spray

Most numbing products are either gels or creams that require manual application onto the skin. The Vasocaine Numbing Spray is great because it provides high levels of lidocaine with just a few sprays of the product onto the skin. This spray works faster than most gels or creams that are on the market today. After applying, the cream takes effect after just 15 minutes. Most products require a generous amount to be applied to an area. This spray can be used sparingly as it is quite powerful with just a few spritzs. With 5% lidocaine, you can depend on this product to protect you from pain and discomfort during your laser hair removal treatment. During the treatment, the laser penetrates through the skin layers, down to the root of the hair follicle. The entire process can be uncomfortable at best and completely painful at worst. The Vasocaine Numbing Spray quickly penetrates down to the pain receptors in the skin to block the skin’s ability to feel pain throughout the procedure. Not only does the spray help your process go smoother but it also allows the technician or doctor to use a more powerful laser. This means you get to see long lasting results faster.

7How Does a Topical Numbing Cream work?

Numbing creams are quite simple in the way that they work. They are applied to the skin topically before a procedure. While the cream is sitting on the skin, the ingredients are penetrating into the skin, down to the nerve endings of the skin cells. The cream then blocks the pain signals from being sent by the nerve endings that are actually on the skin. After a while, the effects of the numbing cream wear off and the ability to feel any sensation in that area is returned.

8How to Apply Skin Numbing Cream before a laser treatment

The best time to apply a numbing cream is before a procedure. They are easy to use and the steps are simple to follow:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly before using the cream
  • Ensure that the area where you are applying the cream is free from open wounds or any broken skin.
  • Apply the numbing cream at least 50 minutes before your treatment is scheduled to occur to ensure that it is at it’s full strength during the treatment.
  • Apply a generous amount of the cream to the area that you are having a treatment done.
  • Do not rub the product in as if it is lotion. Simply apply a layer of cream on the area.
  • Since you are applying 50 minutes prior to your appointment, you can apply plastic wrap to the area to allow it to penetrate into the skin while you continue your regular daily duties.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly after use
  • Do not apply cream anywhere near your eyes.



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