Small Owl Tattoo Designs


Owl Tattoo Meaning and Designs

Bird tattoos can carry a lot of meaning, and owl tattoos are no exception. The owl is often said to represent wisdom and truth. Since they come out at night, they can also represent the unknown. Birds often represent transition, freedom, or letting go due to their ability to fly. If the owl holds meaning for you, getting a small one inked would be a cute and symbolic way to represent your free spirit. In this collection of small owl tattoos, you’ll find all kinds of placements and styles to choose from when selecting your new design!

1Tribal Owl

This owl tattoo is simple yet unique. The creative design and gorgeous placement make this tattoo one of a kind!

2Cute Ankle Owl

This cartoon design is cute and sweet. This simplistic design is sure to get you loads of compliments on your new tattoo!

3Elegant Arm Tattoo

The owl sitting on this branch appears to be full of wisdom and elegance. This might be a great design to represent your truth, and the placement is perfect for showing off your strength!

4Bird in Flight

This placement above the elbow is a beautiful location to show off your new permanent piece of art. This owl will have people turning their heads even as you walk away!

5Baby Blue Owl

This blue owl will give your skin a precious pop of color. Your tattoo does not have to be realistic in color, so why not design one that is sure to get people’s attention!

6Forearm Tree Owl

This owl is adorable and incorporates elements of the night. Owls are nocturnal, so adding some meaningful stars could be a great way to make your tattoo unique to you!

7Owl Spine Tattoo

This tattoo sits beautifully between the shoulder blades, and offers a new perspective to your favorite bird. The side profile captures the owl gazing into the distance, and the circular shape hints at the moon.

8Watercolor Owl

If you’re looking for a more colorful design, this might be the perfect option. The bright watercolors are sure to grab attention, while the placement and size add a delicate touch.

9Sweet Tribute Tattoo

This tattoo is great for paying a tribute to a parent or loved one. The pop of color makes this tattoo a unique and memorable way to honor anyone special in your life!

10Dandelion Tattoo

This ankle tattoo is a unique spin on the classic owl in a tree. Why not design the owl to sit on your favorite flower, or add in some dandelion seeds blowing in the wind!

11Dream Catcher Owl

This is a gorgeous take on the spine tattoo, with an owl perched right in the center of a colorful dream catcher. This would be a creative way to incorporate an owl into a dream catcher design!

12Clever Owl Cover Up

This tattoo was created to cover up an old design, but it would make a beautiful piece for anyone. The bird’s design has real character, and the moon beneath it adds a delicate touch!

13Family of Owls

If you are looking for a tattoo to represent your family, why not allow a family of owls to add a touch of symbolism to the piece? This tattoo is sweet and simple, and the placement allows you to show off your family in any situation!

14Pretty Finger Tattoo

Finger tattoos are all the rage right now. Cara Delevingne might have started it with her famous lion design. An owl on your finger would be a cute and fun design to show off all year long!

15Flower Owl Tattoo

Looking for a tattoo that is tiny, yet meaningful? Design your owl with a few of your favorite flowers and you’ll end up with a tattoo that you always look at fondly. The ankle placement ensures you can sneak a peek whenever you want!

16Funky Owl Design

Do you want a tattoo that stands out from the rest? This design gives the wise bird creative and bold flair.

17Happy Bird Tattoo

Most owl tattoos portray the bird as wise and elegant. This design adds a touch of happiness by showing the owl jumping for joy!

18Inside the Ear Owl

This precious baby owl is a fun alternative to a new piercing. Who wouldn’t want a cute baby bird to decorate their ear!

19Owl Love You Forever

A foot tattoo would look so cute poking out of your sandals. Why not add words to your owl tattoo to create a pretty line of text coming off of the tree branch?

20Tiny Matching Owls

Matching tattoos are always fun to plan with a best friend or family member! These tiny matching foot tattoos are a subtle yet fun way to commemorate an important bond in your life!

21Varied Matching Owls

22Pretty Shoulder Design

23Moon Birds

24Beautiful Neck Placement

25Night Sky Owl

26Detailed Foot Design

27Three Shadows Family Tattoo

28Tiny Shoulder Tattoo

29Owl Line Tattoo

30Sweet Wrist Design

31Soft and Dreamy Design

32Hidden Ear Tattoo

33Cute Wrist Owl

34Owl and His Home

35Yellow Eyed Owl

These small owl tattoo designs are all unique, so you’re sure to find one that fits your personality best. You can incorporate one bird or multiple; add color, words, or other elements to really make the design your own. It’s hard to decide between these cute designs, but the ideas in this list will at least give you a solid place to start!

Since the owl often represents wisdom, mystery, and freedom, there are plenty of designs that convey each of these ideas in a unique way.  There are some tattoos that portray the bird as regal and elegant, which is perfect if you want a bird to represent the wisdom you have developed in life.

There are some tattoos that incorporate elements of the night, weaving an air of mystery and allure into the designs. Adding a moon, stars, or the whole night sky can add a magical quality to your tattoo design.

A few designs show the bird in flight, which can represent freedom and transformation. There is something beautiful about a bird soaring through the sky, so capturing that image on your body would make a beautiful idea for a tattoo.

Some people have used the owl to represent their family in a unique way, or even get a tiny matching bird with a friend. People often want to get tattoos that are meaningful, so allowing the owl to represent someone important to you would always be a great reminder of that special person.

The decision for your new tattoo design will always take time, so we hope this list has helped you in your process. An owl tattoo will be a timeless reminder of the wisdom you’ve gained in life, so take some time, explore the options, and pick the one that represents you best!


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