My Many Philosophies Behind Beauty / By Mikella Richards


Dear Young Girl,

Beauty is not classified by the color of your skin, the sharpness of your nose, or by the crook of your lips. Beauty is not defined by the weight of your body, the thickness of your butt, or the shape of your hips.

I know it’s hard for you to understand this due to how media portrays models, but it’s forgotten that ninety-five percent of the woman on Earth aren’t models. We’re all simple women who live simple lives. No matter what anyone tells you and unfortunately continues to stick with you, always remember that beauty is you. Everyone is beautiful in their own simplistic ways, even if they don’t fit societies normal expectations.
Beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder, and no one has the ability to explain what beauty is. Because to me, you are beauty. I am beauty. The word beautiful should not be classified as just physically attractive. You are beautiful to me because of your soul, your spirit, your ideas, the way you carry yourself, the way you present yourself, how you think about yourself and the way you think about others.

With this philosophy, you realize that somebody else who is completely different from who you are and completely different from what you want is beautiful. That’s the beautiful thing about beauty, beauty doesn’t have a truth. It’s subjective. It’s not what is the truth, what is right or what is wrong. It’s just subjective. It’s what your eyes see, and what your heart sees.

Dear Colored Girl,

You are still young, but you carry so much more weight.
You’re ashamed of your ethnicity because, in actuality, you despise the color of your skin. Why? Why do you feel this way? You feel this way because it’s what you’re meant to believe. The world has its own set ways on influencing their people on beauty, and you shouldn’t feel bad for unintentionally believing what you see. Beauty ideas are all around us, and colored girl, you shouldn’t feel ashamed of yourselves because you are worth more than you can ever believe.

I want to tell you something, and I want you to listen to me. Most of the countries on Earth were colonized by European countries, so we’re going to have European beauty standards. And even though this is true, that doesn’t make it okay. Don’t sit and wallow simply because you’re waiting for representation of yourself to occur.
Your happiness and your confidence shouldn’t depend on anyone else’s view of beauty. Give yourself the best chance of falling in love with yourself. I know the difficulty of being a woman of color that has two characteristics about yourself that you simply can not change no matter how hard you try.

Dear “Ugly” Girl,

Life passes you. You’re scared to face new and different things because you lack the confidence to do so. You carry this insecurity because your parents were the only one that called you beautiful. You think it’s a joke because that’s exactly what parents are meant to do.
You waited your entire childhood for a boy to chase you, and you never received that. So with each fantasy that never came true, you took it straight to the heart. You picked on everything you were lacking, instead of uplifting yourself by viewing everything that you were packing.

Don’t live a life scared of how you believe others will perceive you. “Ugly” girl, while the girls in your grade pick on you simply because you don’t like the wait to get your nails done or have the time to look around high-fashioned malls doesn’t make you any less beautiful than they are.

The fact that you would rather bury your face in a book, or watch a documentary about life makes you even more beautiful than you can ever imagine. You have a mind full of knowledge that can never be erased because you understand that your worth is more than just a pretty t-shirt or handsome boyfriend. You understand that your worth lies within your inner self.

Dear “Fat” Girl,

I have so many words for you, but I don’t think I can force you to understand. Your curves make you, and they build you to be all that you physically can be.
I know that society teaches you that being bigger than average means that you are less of worth, not able to be loved, or able to live a healthy lifestyle. People show your body all over media and tear you down by fat shaming, name calling, and all around negativity. I say: ignore it because dwelling on the negativity interrupts you from focusing on how to better yourself.

I know it’s easier to say things than doing it, but if you love yourself all will be okay. We are all beautiful in our own ways. There is not perfect weight, height, or body shape. The number that you see on a scale does not define you. The section of the store you shop in does not define you. The tags on your skinny jeans do not define you.
What defines you is the work that you put in to be the healthiest woman that you can be.

I love you all,
Mikella Richards


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Essay by: Mikella Richards

Field of Study: Sociology
Institutiony: UWE Bristol

My name is Mikella Richards. I am currently a senior student, and I expect on graduating high school June 2017. I plan on studying abroad in order to learn as much as I can outside of America. I have big dreams, and I plan on executing as many as I can during my long time here on Earth.

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