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30 Purple Balayage Hairstyle Looks

Whether you’re attempting to revitalize your hair and make it into something stunning, searching for a simple change, or simply entertaining the idea of dying your hair to an unnatural color, purple balayage is a super trendy color that all of your friends are sure to adore. Purple is such a versatile color in that it can be used in a multitude of different hairstyles, from sleek to sweet. Additionally, it’s a perfect go-to color for anyone who is just venturing into dyes because of its beautiful results but is also an incredible option for advanced hair lovers to do something breathtaking with. Here are 30 purple balayage hairstyles that will make you drop everything and drive to the hair salon.


11 Blunt Cut Long Bob

We love this hairstyle because of its universal aesthetic; even those who don’t dye their hair will respect this purple balayage as beautiful and radiant. The teased look of the cut adds an illuminating effect to the purple ends and are absolutely showstopping. This balayage will work well with any base color, but looks particularly divine with one that is dark brown or black.

1. Blunt Cut Long Bob

22 Purple Gradient Waves

This hairstyle is a great fit for anyone looking to take advantage of multiple colors of dye in their look. This style adds a lot of depth to the hair, as accentuated by the curls, and has much intrigue, as it can look different from any angle and highlight a specific color with each updo. This works very well for those with blonde bases, but can also transfer over to those with darker hair. Because you don’t have to dye the roots, you can let this balayage grow out and become even more effortlessly amazing.

2. Purple Gradient Waves

33 Purple and Gray Mix

This elegant color is so on trend right now, with many celebrities adopting the “luxe gray” look. The purple undertones within the hair develop a certain richness in color and sophistication that result in marvel. This is a fantastic choice for anyone who wants to be unique in their hair color but also needs to maintain a professional look for their line of work.

3. Purple and Gray Mix

44 Mermaid Pin-Up

If Ariel had purple hair, she would do it like this. This hairstyle is an alluring plum-colored purple and is so compelling because she truly allowed the color to shine. This unique pin-up hairstyle can be used for any occasion due to its ability to be dressed up or down.

4. Mermaid Pin-Up

55 Bold Balayage

Dying the bottom of blonde hair dark purple creates a bold and confident air for a person. This balayage will definitely catch attention and is for those who want to make a first impression. Liven this hairstyle up by braiding it around to one side or leave as is for a simple yet powerful look.

5. Bold Balayage

66 Rainfall Effect

We love how this balayage begins as a tranquil indigo and transitions into a calm lavender near the bottom. This look is for those who wish to be seen as carefree and creative; it adds a youthful glow and innocence to any woman. Because of the palette, this balayage will look best on those with dark eyes and eyebrows.

6. Rainfall Effect

77 Purple and Gray Waves

This impeccable balayage can be thought about as a drain because the bottom seemingly sucks the color out of the hair for a mysterious and mature look. You will always look boss with this hairstyle and you will look great in any outfit that you wear.

7. Purple and Gray Waves

88 Pastel Perfection

This pastel purple color with hints of lavender near the bottom is glamorous and will evoke many compliments from your friends. Designed for women who are going after a more manicured look, this balayage gives women the chance to put their makeup skills on full display. The more volume, the better, and these layered curls contribute even further to that aesthetic.

8. Pastel Perfection

99 Indigo Ideas

For those who are looking for a purple balayage closer to blue rather than pink, this color mix is a brilliant indigo. The hairstyle has many layers to showcase the natural beauty of the hair.

9. Indigo Ideas

1010 Curly Crochet

This curly crochet hairstyle is a beautiful and volume-maximizing number that is sure to be admired by all who have the honor of seeing it. It opens up many opportunities for a vibrant wardrobe and calls for great makeup.

10. Curly Crochet

1111 Fairy Princess Balayage

For a quirky and hipster purple balayage, use purple as your base and gradually blend into hot pink. This look requires a lot of confidence, but what it demands it will return double-fold. Embrace your inner unicorn fairy princess with this gorgeous purple and pink beach curl look.

11. Fairy Princess Balayage

1212 Purple Lob

The lob is such an engaging hairstyle because of the flattering part and the swooping bang, along with the low-to-high angled cut. A sold hairstyle on its own, this style is only heightened by as demanding a color as this purple.

12. Purple Lob

1313 Primrose Edge

With this balayage, it’s very unlikely that you’ll ever find another like you. But when it comes to hair, that’s an amazing thing! You’re guaranteed to be an individual with this lovely style, with soft curls that fall down beautifully.

13. Primrose Edge

1414 High-Definition Curl

As pictured, this hairstyle goes even better with purple complements in your makeup than  rather than just in your hair. This style will go well with an oversized sweater or a large knit cardigan.

14. High-Definition Curl

1515 Pale Balayage

This awe-inspiring color is a statement style, with wispy layers and teased ends. Great for a laid-back look, this hair shines with a dark wardrobe.

15. Pale Balayage

1616 Shaved Pixie

For an edgy yet fashionable look, this shaved pixie purple balayage look is a trendsetter in the making. It looks best with a dark base, and is even more striking with the integration of defined makeup and jewelry into your appearance.

16. Shaved Pixie

1717 Lazy Day Braided Bun

This ethereal color starts off with a pink base and moves out into pale purple at the end of the strands. This is an intriguing color duo because it is so innocent and adorable. It works well in a messy bun as pictured, with the back loosely braided up and pieces hanging out at the sides. Bangs optional.

17. Lazy Day Braided Bun

1818 Base Color Under

We love the look on both of these girls because they’re rocking different shades of purple balayage, but also because they dyed their roots on the top of their head, but divided their bottom half of hair in half and only dyed the top, streaking a couple of strands from the inner half.

18. Base Color Under

1919 Iridescent Glow

The amazing aspect of this hairstyle is that it makes the use of so many different colors of dye without seeming like a mess. All of the colors coordinate beautifully and look very soothing; even though the hair is dyed, it doesn’t give off the same loud vibe that artificial colors sometimes do. This hair looks most complete with a dark base and trying a pair of purple contacts may give your look an additional polish that is stunning.

19. Iridescent Glow

2020 Bright Ends

This purple balayage is a magnificent take on the style, and the curls only work to emphasize the depth of the color even further in all the right places. Light eyes and brows will pop with this look.

20. Bright Ends

2121 Refined Pigtail

Your purple balayage will look winsome when styled with angled bangs and low pigtails. We absolutely heart this hair because of its effortless transition from purple at the top to a radiant blue. Carrie Sleutskaya, Project Runway contestant, blew up the dyed hair industry by also making her brows the same gradient as her hair.

21. Refined Pigtail

2222 Pale Glow Updo

This knot is bold and refined, making for an avant garde and couture style. This hairstyle gives you two options: up or down. You can dress it up with dramatic makeup and a sleek wardrobe, or dress it down and style your look in minimalist form. We recommend either, as you’ll command the room either way.

22. Pale Glow Updo

2323 Sleek & Straight

While the structure is quite simple, this ravishing balayage deserves to shine. This style works well for any color base but looks particularly nice with colored eyes.

23. Sleek & Straight

2424 Purple Pixie

This rich purple color is heart-stopping. It’s so bold and edgy, yet sweet at the same time. The unique thing about this style is that you can define it—you can put your own spin on it to make it incredibly you.

24. Purple Pixie

2525 Braid Crochet

This crochet balayage is one that you would see on the cover of a high-end fashion magazine. With this style, you will exude confidence and radiance and while you can just leave it down for a fierce look, you can also soften it up a little by pulling some pieces back into a sweet pin-up.

25. Braid Crochet

2626 Volume Fro

Look like a queen with this impressive style. We’re in love with everything done in the picture, so be sure to add statement lips and brows to get the most out of your look.

26. Volume Fro

2727 Color Scheme Balayage

This tranquil color scheme dye job is pretty when put up in a bun to show the color strips. Because there is a whitish-blonde piece dyed into the hair, your base color can either be dark like in this example or blonde. The blue color strips will give an extra pop to anyone with blue eyes.

27. Color Scheme Balayage

2828 Side Sweep

This purple balayage is stunning; the way she attains that color and phases it towards the end of the hair for a leech effect is perfect. This side part hair style is flattering on any face shape, but the color will look the best for people with dark features.

28. Side Sweep

2929 Pastel Pony

This pretty ponytail is a simple yet elegant style that you can quickly put together to take on the day. You can go for a sleek or messy look with this one, making it versatile for everyday use. This looks great with a dark base, but a blonde base can bring about a completely new vibe to the style.

29. Pastel Pony

3030 Dutch Crown

This Dutch Crowned Braid is exquisite and regal—definitely worth learning. The balayage looks beautiful in this style because of the braid can highlight each of the colors within it; each part of the braid showcases a different aspect of the hairstyle. This works well for those with dark hair with no red accents.

30. Dutch Crown


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