Christmas Nail Designs

30 Christmas Nail Designs

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and what better way to show you love for this holiday season than with a beautiful set of Christmas nails? Whether you like bright and bold, fun and flirty, or elegant but subtle, you will find inspiration on this list. We have put together a list of our 30 favorite designs this season, so flip through them all and pick your own faves! There’s still plenty of time to purchase temporary sets to apply yourself, or pick a pattern and head down to your favorite salon!


11 Elegant Snowflake Nail Wraps

There’s a rich elegance to this snowflake design that simply captures the imagination. With gold snowflakes set on a clear background, you can feel like a Christmas angel as you enjoy your well-deserved Christmas vacation.

1. Elegant Snowflake Nail Wraps

22 Christmas Polka Dot Nails

Charming little polka dots are the star of the show with this cheerful set of Christmas nails. The little dots look like snowflakes falling to the ground, and the Christmas tree on the ring finger is a perfect finishing touch to the look.

2. Christmas Polka Dot Nails

33 Glitter Snowflake Nails

You know it doesn’t matter what time of year it is, glitter is always in season. But, if you pair your glittery nails with a holiday themed accent nail, you have the makings for a perfect holiday set. Feel inspired by these and get your own set of glitter!

3. Glitter Snowflake Nails

44 Candy Canes and Snowflakes

Nothing says Christmastime like candy canes and snowflakes, so what better thing to put on your nails than those two iconic designs? This is the perfect set to wear to celebrate the holidays all month long!

4. Candy Canes and Snowflakes

55 Elegant Christmas Nails

Every girl loves glitter, but every girl also knows that a little bit of glitter can go a long way. So do you glitter, or do you not? With this set, you can have your glitter and wear it too as you embrace a maroon colored base.

5. Elegant Christmas Nails

66 French Manicure Christmas Style

With this festive holiday set, you can flaunt all the classic appeal of the French manicure with a modern twist thrown in. Use a different color for your accent nail, and rock the look of the season!

6. French Manicure Christmas Style

77 Busy Christmas Nails

The holidays are a busy time of year, whether you have Christmas vacation or not. It seems even time off is filled with parties, gatherings, and time spent running around. Why not throw in some busy nails to match? Look great while you get your shopping done, it’s the best of both worlds!

7. Busy Christmas Nails

88 Snow Queen Christmas Nails

Ever since Frozen entered the scene, the thought of being an ice queen makes you think of white hues and blues. But there is nothing common about these elegant holiday nails, and with a set like this, you are sure to feel like royalty all season long.

8. Snow Queen Christmas Nails

99 Christmas Present French Manicure

Christmas presents are one of every girl’s favorite things during this time of year. The excitement of being able to surprise those you love over and over… the feeling never gets old! Little bows on your nails may not be quite the same, but it’s close.

9. Christmas Present French Manicure

1010 Christmassy Reverse French Manicure

What can we say about this set of nails besides pure elegance? The deep maroon which celebrates the season with the added shine at the base. There’s no question about it; this is one of the classiest sets you could sport this season.

10. Christmassy Reverse French Manicure

1111 Fabulous Christmas Present Nails

What’s that little thing tucked under the Christmas tree with your name on it? Anticipation and excitement build the closer the day gets, and with these shiny nails, you can enjoy the sight of small packages all day, every day.

11. Fabulous Christmas Present Nails

1212 Accent Stars

Less really can be more, even when it comes to Christmas nails. Though we all love those glorious sets filled with details and color, there is a lot to be said for not a lot, too. With a nail set like this, you can celebrate the minimum while embracing the festivities of the season!

12. Accent Stars

1313 Christmas Tree Accent Nails

Just a bit of well-placed glitter really sets the tone for these holiday nails. Indulge in rich green for a nice change from all the red, and don’t forget to add that Christmas tree accent. A fun, fresh take on the usual holiday look.

13. Christmas Tree Accent Nails

1414 Silent Night Nails

Nothing shows off the feeling of the season like gold dust, and that look can be yours with a set of nails as luxurious as these. With a dark undertone, this is a set of nails you can dress up for a dinner party or dress down for those ugly sweaters. Complete holiday wins all around.

14. Silent Night Nails

1515 Santa’s Suit Nail Set

We don’t get nearly enough of Jolly Old Saint Nick these days, but when you sport nails like these, you can remind everyone to stay on the Nice List. With a little buckle on the side, these nails are charming all season long.

15. Santa’s Suit Nail Set

1616 Snowy Night Nails

With the billions of snowflakes all over the ground, it’s mind-blowing to think how no two are alike. Show off your own unique style with this set of glittery snowflake nails. You’ll be getting compliments all over town as you shop and enjoy the season.

16. Snowy Night Nails

1717 Candy Cane Accent Nails

You don’t always need to turn to salons or press on nails if you want to get a little of that holiday flavor. This look is incredibly easy to do to yourself at home with nothing more than red and white polish. Practice to get the lines right, and your look is perfectly festive.

17. Candy Cane Accent Nails

1818 Snowflake Plaid Nails

When it comes to the classics, plaid is not on the list nearly as often as it should be. With this set of classy gray and silver nails, you can bring back some of that plaid flavor in a modern way. Finish the look with snowflakes, and you’ll turn heads at every Christmas party you attend.

18. Snowflake Plaid Nails

1919 Gem Christmas Nails

A small, well-placed gem can say a lot, and with this set of festive nails, it doesn’t take many to bring in the compliments. Tis the season to show off your minimal side with clear polish and green gems.

19. Gem Christmas Nails

2020 Glittery Green Accent Nails

These candy cane inspired nails will take you right down to candy land! Paint on extra thick red lines for the ultimate peppermint look.

20. Glittery Green Accent Nails

2121 Blizzardy Blue Nails

You simply can’t deny that bit of Frozen flavor to these blue and white blizzardy nails. Let it go and have some fun rocking these elegant nails this season!

21. Blizzardy Blue Nails

2222 Christmas Ornament Nails

Round bulbs are the star of the show with this forest green set. With glitter over a matte finish, these nails will go with everything. Mix and match the glitter you use for the bulbs, and make this classic as unique as you are!

22. Christmas Ornament Nails

2323 Snow Globe Nails

There’s something enchanting about a snow globe, and with nails like these, you can flaunt that enchantment everywhere you go. Keep little designs of snowmen and trees on your nails all season long.

23. Snow Globe Nails

2424 Christmas Ornament Glitter Nails

We simply love the bright and playful look of these glittery bulb nails. With added length at the tip, there’s an elegance here that keeps the look as festive as it is fun!

24. Christmas Ornament Glitter Nails

2525 Elegant Candy Nails

So much can be said for this French manicure. They are shiny, they are glittery, and they have just enough red and green added in to remind anyone of candy canes and peppermint. Dress them up or dress them down, just make sure you try these Christmas inspired nails!

25. Elegant Candy Nails

2626 Nutcracker Nails

These nails take put a nice twist on the Christmas season without losing any of the festivity. Approach the joy from another angle with this Nutcracker inspired nail set and dance like a sugar plum fairy!

26. Nutcracker Nails

2727 Sparkle and Shine Designs

Painted nails, press on acrylics, or permanent looks from the salon… they all do a fantastic job of spreading Christmas cheer everywhere you go. Use a rich set like this not only for Christmas but for the entire season.

27. Sparkle and Shine Designs

2828 Fun and Flirty Christmas Lights

Christmas trees strung with lights are one of the best things about the holidays, and with a set of nails like this, you can spread that cheer around town. But don’t worry, none of these bulbs will go out.

28. Fun and Flirty Christmas Lights

2929 Perfectly Plaids

Why stay subtle when you have a good thing? Plaid might be a blast from the past, but when you have a set of nails as adorable as these, you can’t help but fall in love with the look all over again. Try different colors for the base for an even more unique look.

29. Perfectly Plaids

3030 Black Blizzard Nails

With so many red, green, and white nails, it’s nice to indulge in a darker hue for a change. With these nails, you can still indulge in the gold and blue hues of Christmas, but you can put your own spin on it with a darker color for the base.

30. Black Blizzard Nails


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